Say ‘I Do’ with LOVI - The New National for the Modern Groom | Part 2

Brides tend to get all the attention at weddings. But remember, it is also the groom’s day to shine. As a modern Sri Lankan groom, you have a wide range of style choices to consider when dressing for the big day.

You can go western with a tuxedo, a crisp suit, or casual linen suit, or you can go traditional with the Aarya Sinhala suit (the sarong and kurta combo that you see on most politicos) or the Kandyan nilame suit, which needs no introduction and is a grand production in and of itself. 

But what if these options don’t really appeal to you? Do you want something fresh and contemporary that speaks to your roots at the same time? Do you want to wear something comfortable like the national dress but not as fussy as the nilame suit? And what if you’re on a budget?

Worry not, LOVI has some amazing pieces that blend the tradition of the Aarya Sinhala suit with contemporary design to create something worthy of the modern, cosmopolitan Sri Lankan in a way that will not break the bank. We’ve put together three different schools of style for the groom looking to get hitched the LOVI way with our top picks for impeccable wedding style. Let's talk bout the new national for the modern groom.

The new national 

LOVI’s passion for our national clothing is unparalleled and has led us to reimagine the Sri Lankan national for the modern man. These are our picks for the new national for the Sri Lankan groom.

The LOVI Crown Men’s National offers a glam take on the familiar men’s national shirt, with hand-embroidered crown motifs in gold or silver thread (your choice) making this Sri Lankan staple pop in the best of ways.

Pair it with the LOVI Crown Embroidered Sarong and weave in the iconic imagery of Sri Lanka’s iconic Kandyan crown into your special day. The LOVI Crown Embroidered Sarong is the perfect wedding sarong for any groom. 

The LOVI Crown Men’s national and Crown Embroidered Sarong comes in black, navy blue and white to match any wedding colour scheme.

For a more subtle royal touch to your wedding day look, consider the LOVI Crown Tuxedo Sarong. This sarong features a satin tuxedo stripe embroidered with LOVI’s crown motifs giving you that James Bond look blended with Sri Lankan charm.

The LOVI Crown Men’s Panel Shirt is an option for the groom who’s taste favours the minimal. Constructed of 100% cotton, the front of this shirt panel is delicately embroidered with LOVI’s crown motif, and strikes a smart balance of texture that keeps you looking impeccable through the day. This shirt is ideal for the groom who wants to look regal but doesn't wear a jacket or a national shirt. 

LOVI’s new national ensemble comes in bright red, to symbolise joy and vitality. This jewel-toned national exudes relaxed charm and style. Wedding menswear doesn’t have to be black and white to be sleek. This new national is an elegant minimalist ensemble made entirely in silk with discreet gold detailing and an interesting back-detail inspired by the buttoned-up vent of the modern trenchcoat. 

Like much of the LOVI collection, the new national is easily customisable and can be created in the colour of your choosing. From pure white, off white, cream, tan, gold, navy, emerald, and of course, black.

The new national is meant for the gent who’s not afraid to make a daring style statement (Word of caution: you may potentially upstage the bride though. Keep in mind that Please remember that LOVI can bear no responsibility for such situations!).  

Keeping calm and carrying on in true LOVI fashion

LOVI CEYLON designs and produces a range of sarongs and other clothing to make customers look good, feel good and be amazing in almost any setting. We’re more than a fashion brand. We’re a lifestyle and a movement looking to bring the thrill of sarongs to people around the world. LOVI is for someone bold, active, and authentic who seeks something beautifully made in an understated way. Visit the LOVI JOURNAL to learn more about the LOVI way of life.

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