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LOVI is an ambitious project to design clothing that captures the hopes and dreams of a new Sri Lanka––that tropical paradise also known as Ceylon.

We, the LOVI generation, dare to dream of a rich, cosmopolitan Sri Lanka, and want clothes that authentically represent us––our unity, our confidence, our commitment to a clean Earth. In fact, we ache for it. We know we have something beautiful, fun and wholesome not only for us, but also to share with the big, wide world.

What does LOVI make? Patent-pending sarongs with pockets is our hallmark. Now that we've begun to fully define our vision, we have designed the shirts, tops, jackets, shoes, jewelry, small accessories, and even created perfumes to complete our signature sarong look. Whether it be for a wedding event, beach day, yoga practice, rugby training, lounging about or red carpet evening, the LOVI look is for all ages––for men, women, and those who don't gender identify–––to be worn in any city in the world, East to West.

Our clothes are handmade by local Sri Lankans whose labour we honour and value. To maintain quality and exclusivity, we make most of our own fabric with cotton, silk, and wool, which biodegrade naturally, minimising environmental impact. All of this, LOVI makes with love.

And now that you’re here, we want to meet you. Please say hello!

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