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Heritage & Culture

To move into the future, one must first understand the past.

From the techniques used to make our clothes to the symbols emblazoned on some of our garments, LOVI Ceylon draws on Sri Lanka’s rich history and traditions to fuel our designs.  But, we like to get funky with it too.   

For example, the sarong.

Many countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Yemen have staked claim as the originators of this tube-shaped garment and information is scarce on how and when it appeared in Sri Lanka.  But the fact remains: it’s simply one of our most comfortable items of clothing.

Native Bazaar, Colombo, Ceylon, 1909. Image courtesy of

Although its popularity has waxed and waned throughout the years, LOVI made it its mission to revive, reinvent and push the sarong into its own renaissance. We added a string belt so no cheeky slip-ups happen. Pockets were incorporated to make it more functional, because…where else are you supposed to keep your phone? We also opted for a different lining so that any sweat can be absorbed, providing you with the utmost comfort during those sweltering, tropical days.


Fit for Royalty…

LOVI’s Signature Nilame Jacket is a look that draws directly from the wardrobe of 18th century Kandyan royalty. Intrigued? The suit, formerly known as the mul anduma, was specifically reserved for the king and his family but in the years since their abolishment, it has become a sartorial staple of ceremonial occasions including weddings.

Kandyan Chieftain wearing traditional nilame garb and his family, 1909. Photo courtesy of

LOVI decided to shake things up and adapt the traditional nilame suit into something more functional, structural and less fussy. Incorporating thick gold thread reminiscent of the Indian zardosi style of embroidery, the jacket allows its wearer to stand out amongst the crowd, commanding a presence that is never overbearing but comfortable and at ease. There is elegance in our heritage and LOVI wants to bring a piece of this into the 21st century.

Model wears LOVI’s Modern Nilame Jacket – Long.


P.S Check out some of our pieces like the LOVI Crown Bomber Jacket, emblazoned with the crown worn by Kandyan kings during their reign. Think you’ve got what it takes to walk in their shoes? Drop us an email at