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For centuries, this land was home to kings and queens, nilames and kumarihamis, and nobles of all race and creed. They developed a style both cosmopolitan and uniquely Sri Lankan. While titles have changed, nobility and dignity still runs through us.

LOVI continues this tradition and reminds us that this bygone era is not actually gone at all. The yearning for it is loud and clear.

Introducing modern, uniquely Sri Lankan clothing for the authentic, the confident, the graceful, the new royalty of Sri Lanka -- You.

(Above right) Model wears Black Satin Shirt Dress with Gold Embroidery with LOVI loafers. (Above left) Model wears Black Sarong and Jacket with Gold Embroidery with LOVI loafers.  

LOVI Ceylon 2019 Paradise Sarongs

(Above right) Model wears Pink Paradise Sarong. (Above left) Model wears Grey Pique Shirt & Blue Paradise Sarong.


LOVI Sport Sarongs 2019

(Above left) Model wears Green LOVI Sport Sarong with Lotus Shirt in white.(Above right) Model wears White Lotus Shirt Dress with LOVI Lotus Scarf and LOVI Loafers.

(Above right) Male model wears Navy Admiral Sarong with LOVI Emblem Jacket. (Above left) Female model wears Nautical Sarong Wrap and Crop Top in Navy with White Stripes.


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