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Two Worlds


Two Worlds—Colombo, Dubai, London, Milan, LA, Sydney, Singapore. This collection is for those who live in two worlds. East and West. Modern and traditional. Minimalist and adorned. Sarong and dare we say, pants. 

Two worlds can exist in harmony. Regardless of our differences, certain values remain the same: authenticity, adventure, friendship, and love. Fusing Italian design and Sri Lankan craftsmanship, Handloom and gold, rooted in the LOVI sarong silhouette—this is in fact—best of both worlds!

This collection is designed proudly in collaboration with Italian fashion designer Ms. Alberica Giorgi for LOVI Ceylon.


(Above) Model wears LOVI Kandyan embroidery jacket, silk sarong, and silk cotton shirt.


(Above) Model wears LOVI gold chain embedded wool and silk, hand made fabric dress.  

(Above) Model wears LOVI silk sarong, silk cotton shirt and emblem shoes. 

(Above) Model wears LOVI Silk Hoodie, silk sarong, silk cotton shirt and emblem shoes.


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