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Dear YOU,

All of us at LOVI wish you and your loved ones a warm Sri Lankan welcome! We're thrilled to be serving you.

We are accepting your orders for deliveries in Sri Lanka and around the world. To make things zippy we have instituted free delivery on all orders in Sri Lanka and despite the huge increases in delivery costs around the world, low shipping and handling charges. Yes, that's shipping for about $10 bucks to Australia, to Dubai, to UK, to USA, to Canada, and even to Timbuktu.

In addition, our boutiques in Colombo and Kandy are open, so hop on by. As always, you have a 90-day money back return or exchange policy.

You may place the orders online or message us below. Thank you for your love and support.

Please contact us with your questions or comments
Whatsapp: +94769097000
Phone: +94114375684

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to receive parcels to and from countries where there have been cases of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)?
The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is safe to receive packages and we’re following all their official advice. Our delivery partners are taking further measures to carry out a safe delivery process.

For more information, please visit the World Health Organization website where they have FAQs specific to this topic.

Will I still be able to return my items if I need to?
Yes. Please contact our Customer Services team at We will endeavor to do all we can to help you with your order.

Can I change the address my packages are delivered to after I have placed my order, as I’m no longer going to be in the city I was planning to be in?
Please contact our Customer Services team at  We will endeavor to do all we can to help you update your order.

Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this unprecedented event — we are all in this together and sending our thoughts to you and our whole community.