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Article: Entertaining at Home the LOVI Way: The Menswear Edit

Entertaining at Home the LOVI Way: The Menswear Edit
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Entertaining at Home the LOVI Way: The Menswear Edit

Ah, house parties, a joy for some and an utter chore for others. Whether you’re a host or a guest, a comfy outfit can be that one little thing that keeps you sane when dealing with the famous impertinent Sri Lankan Aunty (think Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking but more intense), or running interference with that one friend who doesn’t quite know how to pace himself at the bar.

So, why sarongs at a house party?

Sarongs, and their pre-cursor, the reddha (draped unstitched fabric), have been around for millennia. They are the ultimate chill piece and LOVI sarongs are versatile for any type of house-party, from a proper at-home do for the uncles and aunties to a simple house party with your friends.

The beauty of LOVI’s products, sarongs or otherwise, is its unfailing quality and impeccable style. Unique fabrics, considered design and intricate detailing come together to make each LOVI piece a sound style investment.

Here are some of our favourites for every kind of house party. From formal to friends, you’ll never risk your reputation (or that of your parents) with these options.


Let’s start with the LOVI Rugby Sarong, a cool way to stand out when hanging with the boys. A more casual sarong with graphic stripes in contrasting colours, the Rugby Sarong is perfect for when you want to keep things playful and fun. Though named the Rugby Sarong, you don’t need to involve sport while wearing it. Its light, comfortable construction does mean that you can still join an impromptu match of cricket, rugby or whatever other sport catches your fancy.

The Rugby Sarong isn’t only for running with the boys though, pair it with the LOVI Yacht Long-Sleeve T-Shirt for a look of casual chic or go dressy with the Unity Tab Shirt.


The LOVI Classic Nautical Sarong is one our top picks for those house parties that require you to be well-dressed, like a fancy Christmas party. A simple yet luxuriant handloom sarong, the classic nautical sarong features horizontal woven stripes, from a discreet uniform stripe in silver (or white, depending on style) to give you some pizazz while staying cool and comfortable.

The Classic Nautical Sarong is not simply for the high-profile house party though.  Available in a range of colours and styles, it is a staple piece that you can dress up or down to suit any occasion. 


LOVI’s Woven Check Sarongs are perfect for those evenings at home entertaining family. These sumptuous handloom sarongs feature white & grey stripes woven in to make a memorable geometric style statement. The breathable cotton handloom makes it great for Sri Lanka’s humid weather, and it comes with black or white ties to, ahem, keep things in place. With a range of black, blue, red and green to choose from, the woven check sarong is one of our most versatile pieces.

It goes beautifully with our Rugby Shirt, giving you that evasive mix of smart and comfortable.


If you’re looking for a more dressy checked style statement, check out the LOVI leather check sarong which features hand-stitched leather stripe detailing, giving your sarong a textural style boost and a luxe pop to your outfit that would look right at home on the streets of Paris. 

 Available in red, blue and black, the leather check sarong lets you channel a bit of that bad boy vibe while keeping things chic.Wear it with our Unity tab shirt, and give yourself an aura of unbeatable style.


 The LOVI ribbon check sarong features twelve metres of hand-stitched ribbons in a painstakingly laid out check pattern, giving your sarong some understated elegance while still giving your outfit an extra element of oomph. The blend of ribbon with our expertly woven handloom creates a piece of subtle beauty.

Available in green, red, blue and black, combine this elegant sarong with our Unity Cuff Shirt, to put together an outfit that exudes discreet charm and grace. 

Want to learn exactly how to drape your LOVI sarong? We’ve got you covered with our simplest, most comfortable drape.

What about up top?

LOVI isn’t just about sarongs, although sarongs are our first and most passionate love. Here’s a look at some of our most at-home appropriate tops that can help you stand out just a little bit more at your house party.


The LOVI Rugby Shirt, is the cool, comfortable shirt to complete any casual ensemble. Inspired by Sri Lanka’s island nature, the Rugby Shirt is 100% includes intricate detailing in emerald green and navy blue, that draws the eye without being flashy.

These two tops are from our Unity range, inspired on a design level by the colours of our great Sri Lankan flag, and on an emotional level by unity and coming together as one people for all of Sri Lanka.


The Unity Cuff Shirt comes in midnight black and features stud detailing in gold or silver as you desire. It’s an amazing way to dress up a casual outfit and strike the perfect balance at any house-party, as a host or a guest. The Unity Cuff Shirt also features LOVI’s signature collar, and includes a discreet splash of nationalistic colour on each cuff.


The Unity Tab Shirt is a sleek yet playful for those less-stuffy family gatherings and comes in white or midnight black with gold or silver detailing as desired. The little tab on the chest in in our national colours add a discreet and charming element of colour while keeping things smart and can also be an interesting conversation starter. The Unity Tab Shirt also features LOVI’s signature collar and comes with discreet metallic detailing in silver or gold.


Moving away from the Unity range, one of LOVI’s staple casual pieces is the LOVI Yacht long-sleeve t-shirt, which can tie any casual look together effortlessly. This wonderfully proportioned collarless t-shirt is made out of the best cotton jersey and features an interesting shoulder-open detail that adds personality to any look.

Keeping calm and carrying on in true LOVI fashion

LOVI CEYLON designs and executes a range of sarongs and other clothing to make customers look good, feel good and be amazing in almost any setting. We’re more than simply a fashion brand. We’re a lifestyle, and a movement, looking to bring the thrill of sarongs to people around the world. LOVI is for someone bold, active, and authentic who seeks something beautifully made in an understated way. Visit the LOVI JOURNAL to learn more about the LOVI way of life.

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