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Article: Entertaining at Home with LOVI: The Womenswear Edit

Entertaining at Home with LOVI: The Womenswear Edit
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Entertaining at Home with LOVI: The Womenswear Edit

House-parties can be pain or pleasure, regardless of if you’re attending one or hosting one. The pressure is always on to look good, and sometimes feeling good can go right out the window.

This is where LOVI comes in. We believe in both looking good and feeling good. Our custom-made fabric, discerning design and carefully considered detailing makes any LOVI piece the perfect addition to your house-party wardrobe.

Making sarongs a part of your house party wardrobe

Sarongs are beautifully versatile unisex garments. In Sri Lanka, before the sarong, both men and women wore the reddha (an unstitched piece of cloth that was draped to perfection). The sarong, based on the Indonesian saraung, found its way to Sri Lanka about 300 years ago, making itself a cornerstone of national fashion and an integral part of the Sri Lankan man’s national dress. But why let men have all the fun?

LOVI’s sarongs keep you feeling cool and comfy while looking like the queen you are. Here are some of our top LOVI picks to keep you looking sensational at any house-party, even your own.

All LOVI sarongs come with pockets. Real pockets, the kind that you can put things into, like your phone, your keys and some emergency makeup.

LOVI’s House-Party Style Picks

We’ve put together some of our top picks for house-parties. From the chill house-party at a friend’s place to the more put-together house-party with extended family.

The LOVI Classic French Nautical Sarong is made for those occasions where you want to be tasteful yet simple. This sarong gives you the effortless style that is so evocative of the French. The Classic French Nautical Sarong comes in pearl white with discreet navy stripes woven in and a tasteful border of matte gold. A single crimson stripe built-in among the navy stripes creates a pleasing and memorable style statement for the woman who wants to make waves without rocking the boat.

Pair it with our limited edition Tuxedo High Neck Sheer Top for an elegant, luxe look with a hint of playful sensuality, and look like you’ve just stepped off the streets of Paris.

The Classic Nautical Sarong is another elegant option for any house party. In solid tones of red or blue, the simple sarong is made of the softest handloom and includes horizontal stripes of silver woven in along the width of the sarong. This simple combination and considered proportion create the base for the chicest ensemble to impress even the most critical aunty at the family gathering.

Pair it with our Crown Embroidery Tuxedo Top and look like the lady of any manor.

The Tuxedo sarong is LOVI’s answer to the little black dress. Designed in midnight black with a satin stripe down the right side, this unisex sarong is made to ooze glamour and sex appeal while staying versatile enough to be dressed down for daytime.  The soft handloom comes together with silky smooth satin to create a feeling of true luxury and elegance for a woman of any style, from demure to femme fatale.

The Tuxedo sarong also comes in white and red, if black isn’t your favourite colour.

Pair the tuxedo sarong with our limited edition sequined sailor top for some casual glamour or with our Women’s Tuxedo Top for that timeless Audrey Hepburn look. (You can also learn about draping your very own sarong the Audrey Hepburn way here)

When looking to keep things casual, the Classic White Nautical sarong can become your new go-to. A pearl white sarong elegantly woven with eight blue hand-woven horizontal stripes, this perfectly proportioned sarong will help you make a truly memorable statement in casual style. The lightweight fabrication makes it perfect for those balmy afternoon get-togethers. Or even just to wear to the beach.

Our rugby sarong is perfect for the sporty girl, with bold sport-inspired stripes that help create an energetic and vibrant ensemble. Available in a range of colours and styles, the rugby sarong is perfect for the woman who has difficulty sitting still and just needs to keep moving.

Pair it with your favourite t-shirt or crop top and prepare to just lie about looking fabulous.

Our Rise Nautical Sarong wrap is another fun option for the chill house-party. A re-invented pearl white sarong in the softest, most breathable handloom. The Rise Nautical Sarong Wrap comes with five blue stripes of varying proportion, creating a striking graphic look that is sure to turn heads.

LOVI’s Paradise Sarong Wrap is a unique piece of sarong-inspired fashion that gives you all the comfort of a sarong with the functionality of a wrap skirt. It’s the perfect gateway piece to begin embracing the joy of sarongs.

With a vibrant palette of pink, purple and yellow, this handwoven vertically striped sarong makes the perfect day-wear option and with careful styling can be a very playful night-time style staple too. Plus, you can drape it to show a little bit of leg, which may be just what you want, depending on who you’re trying to impress.

Pair it with our Women’s Tuxedo Top to hit that perfect mix of playful glamour.


Rocking out in LOVI’s tops

LOVI’s sarongs aren’t our only attraction (although the sarong will always be LOVI’s first and greatest love).

Check out some of LOVI’s unique signature tops that can give any outfit an extra amp of style.

Our Women’s Tuxedo Top is an elegant crop top that hits that perfect mix of playful glamour, whether you choose to dress it up or down. It’s one of those staple pieces that you will find yourself wearing more and more because it’s just so chic and versatile.

Our Crown Embroidery Tuxedo Top has all the style lines of the women’s tuxedo top but packs an extra layer of sophistication with meticulous hand-embroidery adding that crowning glory to your outfit (pun intended). This top will make you the lady of any manor you find yourself in.


Keeping calm and carrying on in true LOVI fashion

LOVI CEYLON designs and executes a range of sarongs and other clothing to make customers look good, feel good and be amazing in almost any setting. We’re more than simply a fashion brand. We’re a lifestyle, and a movement looking to bring the thrill of sarongs to people around the world. LOVI is for someone bold, active, and authentic who seeks something beautifully made in an understated way. Visit the LOVI JOURNAL to learn more about the LOVI way of life


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