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Article: What to Wear as a Sri Lankan Wedding Guest: Menswear Edit

What to Wear as a Sri Lankan Wedding Guest: Menswear Edit

What to Wear as a Sri Lankan Wedding Guest: Menswear Edit

As a wedding guest, regardless of how well you know the happy couple, it’s important, if not essential, to look your best.

Here’s the LOVI guide to being the man for all seasons at any wedding regardless of the role you’re playing for the day, be it the father or brother of the bride or groom, immediate family to the happy couple or well-wisher joining in the celebrations.

The Uber-Formal Wedding

Some weddings, like it or not, are very formal, and leave you no room to experiment. A suit and black tie is not your only option for this sort of wedding. Well, you should, of course, go black-tie in the traditional sense, but you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to the conventional suit to look good at a formal wedding. 

The LOVI Tuxedo Sarong is a fun Sri Lankan alternative to the traditional suit and tie. Constructed in smooth handloom, the tuxedo sarong takes inspiration from the tuxedo trouser with a stripe of silk satin along its right side. The LOVI Tuxedo Sarong gives you that suave James Bond-vibe that goes perfectly with a well-shaken (not stirred) martini. It also comes in white, navy, emerald and crimson. 

The LOVI Crown Tuxedo Sarong takes the tuxedo sarong design a step further by replacing the classic satin stripe detailed with embroidered Sri Lankan crown motifs, adding some contrast and texture to a classic sarong. 

Pair the tuxedo sarong with a well-cut Tuxedo jacket such as a shawl collar to complete your big wedding look. You can pick one up at Hameedias, Tux Ceylon or O:LIVE Couture. Or we’ll make you one.

The Big Wedding

Most weddings tend to be formal but mix in playful, creative touches throughout the event. If you’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the kind of wedding that demands you look posh but also just a little revolutionary, the LOVI Crown Embroidered Sarong should be your go-to. Intricately hand-embroidered with motifs inspired by the last crown of Sri Lanka’s famed Kandyan kingdom. The sarong will keep you looking and feeling like royalty all night long. 

A classic sarong, it’s also available in black, navy blue and white.  

Complete the royal look with the LOVI Crown Men’s National Shirt. Who says the national kurta need only be worn by politicians and state officials. The LOVI Crown Men’s National Shirt, with its intricate crown embroidery, gives the national a style twist leaving you looking like you were born to rule. Why not dress for the part? 

Another variation of the LOVI Crown collection that can fit into any creative wedding is the LOVI Men's Admiral Crown Shirt. Designed for when you need to feel relaxed but look smart, the LOVI Men’s Admiral Crown Shirt is constructed of 100% cotton, keeping you cool and comfortable and features panels of impeccably embroidered crown motifs. We hear the panelling in the center of this shirt can leave you looking trim. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it out and see. It comes in navy blue and black, and is dressy enough for you to do away with wearing a jacket altogether. 

Are crowns not really your thing? Maintain regal glamour with the all-new LOVI Black and Gold Sarong. This beautiful cotton handloom sarong inspired by Nilame style features proportioned stripes of sparkling gold to give any outfit a touch of unmatched splendour. Pair it with the LOVI Admiral Shirt for major style appeal points. The adventurous charm of the LOVI Admiral Shirt mixed with glorious sarong will leave you looking dangerously dapper. 

The LOVI Royal Pinstripe Sarong offers a subtle charm that makes it versatile for just about any wedding—even the uber-formal wedding when styled correctly. Luxuriant handloom and meticulously proportioned gold pinstripes make this timeless sarong a style staple for any gentleman. Channel the greats of old Hollywood like Clark Gable with your own Sri Lankan take on the pinstripe that is so versatile you can wear it just about anywhere. 

When you still want to keep the look formal, you can pair the LOVI Royal Pinstripe Sarong with the LOVI Crown Embroidered Cuff Shirt. Available in Black, White and Navy Blue, the LOVI Crown Embroidered Cuff Shirt features a classic construction with discreet crown embroidery on its cuff giving it. We recommend wearing it with a nice watch and shaking hands when you wear this shirt. Those cuffs deserve to be appreciated. 

The LOVI Royal Pinstripe Sarong also comes in a range of pastel colours for the more casual setting.

The Chill Wedding

Speaking of casual settings, not all weddings are big formal affairs. For the more casual wedding, be it a beach wedding or a simple at-home affair, LOVI has you covered. 

The LOVI Rugby Sarong comes in a variety of pastel shades that are perfect for that low-key daytime wedding. A more casual sarong with graphic stripes in contrasting colours, the Rugby Sarong is for when you want to keep things playful and fun, but versatile enough to still be dressed up for low-key events. 

For the casual wedding that still requires a memorable style statement, the LOVI Nautical Admiral Sarong is made for the adventurer looking to stand out. A new take on the traditional sarong, even by LOVI standards, the nautical admiral sarong features a unique front panel and two side pockets that inject a little extra whimsy into your look and makes people look twice. The LOVI Nautical Sarong is for the enigmatic man who likes to keep people guessing.

Wedding attire doesn’t need to be black and white, pun intended. LOVI’s unique mix of taste, style and innovation aims to make the Sri Lankan national dress a style statement for the modern Sri Lankan that can be worn in any setting. 

Keeping calm and carrying on in true LOVI fashion

LOVI CEYLON designs and produces a range of sarongs and other clothing to make customers look good, feel good and be amazing in almost any setting. We’re more than a fashion brand. We’re a lifestyle and a movement looking to bring the thrill of sarongs to people around the world. LOVI is for someone bold, active, and authentic who seeks something beautifully made in an understated way. Visit the LOVI JOURNAL to learn more about the LOVI way of life. 

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