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Article: What to wear to a Sri Lankan wedding as a guest: Womenswear Edit

What to wear to a Sri Lankan wedding as a guest: Womenswear Edit

What to wear to a Sri Lankan wedding as a guest: Womenswear Edit

What to wear to a Sri Lankan wedding as a guest: Womenswear Edit

Weddings tend to be all about the bride. She knows what she’s going to wear. And she has an army of people to help her look her best. But as a guest, what about you? What do you wear to the latest wedding you’ve been invited to?  

By and large, a saree is what you wear to a Sri Lankan wedding. The glitzier the better. You can also wear a dress. But we have another alternative. LOVI CEYLON’s new national is designed for women too. You now have a national dress that you can wear for any occasion.

We’ve put together a few LOVI favourites and some showstoppers from our newest collection to show you how to look amazing at any wedding. 

The Uber-Formal Wedding

You know this sort of wedding. It’s the kind of wedding where dressing up can be stressful because everything must be perfect. 

If going glam is the route you want to take, the LOVI Sequined National is the number to pick. An ensemble that features a sarong wrap entirely hand-embellished with glossy black sequins, and a blouse with matching sequin detailing, the LOVI sequined national blends ultimate luxury and discreet drama. You can also drape the wrap to show as much (or as little) leg as you prefer. 

The LOVI Kandyan Chic Nilame is for those ladies who appreciate modern traditionalism. A masterpiece in shades of pink, the LOVI Kandyan Chic Nilame is a complete outfit that features a metallic silk top with luxe velvet panels hand-embroidered with gold thread motifs inspired by the illustrious Kandyan kingdom of old. The ensemble is completed by a delicate pale pink sarong with proportioned gold stripes to create a look of style, sophistication and refined grace.

The LOVI Kandyan Chic Nilame is customisable and can be made in different colours to suit your personal style.

The Big Wedding

Some big weddings demand you play by the rules, others let you make your own rules, as long as you look great. For the big wedding that gives you some room to play around, the LOVI Girl Boss Ensemble is definitely an interesting way to go.  

The LOVI Girl Boss Ensemble pairs a structured velvet dinner jacket with an elegant white and gold sarong, mixing traditionally masculine and feminine silhouettes in a way that is sensual yet arresting. The structured formal dinner jacket is made of velvet with satin lapels and features delicate embroidery in araliya motifs along the right sleeve designed to show itself when you first greet someone and help you make that extra-memorable first impression. The Girl Boss Sarong features gold bands woven into a white cotton base and discreet crystal embellishment to stand out from the crowd powerfully but discreetly.  

The LOVI Crown Embroidered Sarong blends the iconic heritage imagery of the last crown of Sri Lanka’s Kandyan kingdom with the comfort and elegance that only a LOVI sarong can provide. Delicate embroidery on a soft cotton handloom base creates an aura of regal beauty that can empower any woman who wears it. 

Pair this unique sarong with the LOVI Crown Tuxedo Top for a Sri Lankan twist on the iconic style of Katherine Hepburn. An elegant crop top that hits that perfect mix of playful glamour, the LOVI Crown Tuxedo Top features the same meticulous hand-embroidery from the LOVI Crown Embroidered Sarong. It is also available without embroidery. 

Another variation of the LOVI Crown collection that can fit in at any creative wedding is the LOVI Crown Embroidery Sleeveless Top. Designed for when you need to feel comfortable but look smart, this top is constructed of 100% cotton, keeping you cool and comfortable with impeccably embroidered crown motifs taking centre stage.

Pinstripes aren't just for 1920s-era men’s suits. The LOVI Royal Pinstripe Sarong is made for the woman who values subtle power dressing. This handloom sarong with woven gold pinstripes embodies understated chic. It comes in a range of colours including pastels for more casual settings. Its versatility makes it a true style investment. It can be styled for any occasion, and is the kind of sarong you'll find yourself wearing all the time.

The Chill Wedding

Not all weddings are big formal affairs. LOVI has you covered for the low-key wedding, be it a beach wedding, a garden wedding or a simple at-home affair.

Nothing says effortless chic like a flowing silk ensemble in delicate pastel pink. The LOVI New National in pale pink is a layered silk sarong wrap paired with a matching silk blouse featuring the unique LOVI collar. This ensemble will keep you looking and feeling cool. A must-have for the balmy weather of the tropics. 

The LOVI Lama Sari ensemble channels the childhood memories of Dhamma School and visiting temples. This reimagining of the lama sari pairs a top reminiscent of the iconic lama sari blouse in mustard yellow silk and chiffon, paired with a pale blue layered silk sarong wrap embellished in crystals, giving you a memorable daytime look that blends style and nostalgia. 

The LOVI lama sari ensemble can be made in different colours upon request.

The LOVI Rugby Sarong comes in a variety of pastel shades that are perfect for the daytime wedding. A more casual sarong with graphic stripes in contrasting colours, the Rugby Sarong is for when you want to keep things playful and fun, but also be dressed up enough for low-key events. 

 For the casual wedding that still requires a memorable style statement, the LOVI Nautical Admiral Sarong is made for the adventurer. A new take on the traditional sarong, even by LOVI standards, this unisex sarong features a unique front panel and two side pockets that injects a little whimsy into your look. In this number, you’re at the helm of your own ship. 

Dressing for a wedding no longer means just wearing a saree or a dress. LOVI’s unique mix of taste, style and innovation aims to make the Sri Lankan national dress a style statement for the modern Sri Lankan that can be worn in any setting.

Keeping calm and carrying on in true LOVI fashion

LOVI CEYLON designs and produces a range of sarongs and other clothing to make customers look good, feel good and be amazing in almost any setting. We’re more than a fashion brand. We’re a lifestyle and a movement looking to bring the thrill of sarongs to people around the world. LOVI is for someone bold, active, and authentic who seeks something beautifully made in an understated way. Visit the LOVI JOURNAL to learn more about the LOVI way of life. 

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